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11/03 Museum Night Fever.
06-07 May Iris Day : free concert on the Grand Place.
20 May The Belgian Lesbian & Gay Pride. Pride4Every1 - The Belgian Lesbian & Gay Pride
26-28/05 Brussels Jazz Week End. Brussels Jazz Marathon
21-25 June European Music Feast : free concerts in the city centre. European Music Fest
23-25 June Open air Market in the "rue Marché aux Herbes". 2005 Open air Market (with Miss Brussels 2006, Audrey Berckmans)
05+07 July Procession of the Ommegang on the Grand Place of Brussels. 2010 Ommegang Brussels
11 July Closing Feast of the Festivities of the Flemish Community on the Grand Place of Brussels starting at 20.00. Vlaanderen Feest
21 July Feast in the Park during the Belgian National Holiday. Fête Nationale le 21 juillet
06-15 Aug. Brussels Summer Festival : concerts on the "Place des Palais", the "Place du Musée" and the "Parc de Bruxelles". Brussels Summer Festival
09 Aug. 708th planting of the Meyboom before 17.00 on the "Rue des Sables". Meyboom 2012
12-15 Aug. Flowertime : 100.000 flowers in Brussels' City Hall.
21-25 Aug. Feeërieën : free concerts on the Bandstand of the Royal Park of Brussels at dusk. Feeërieën
01-03 Sept. Belgian Beer Weekend on the Grand Place of Brussels. Beer Weekend
02 Sept. Feast of the Order of the Friends of Manneken-Pis. Starting of the procession at 10.00 from the "Place d'Espagne". Manneken Pis
03 Sept. Balloons' Day Parade : on the occasion of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, gigantic helium balloons in the shape of comic strip characters will cross the city’s main arteries, from the Place des Palais (14.00) to the Place De Brouckère (18.00). Balloons Day Parade
09 Sept. Taptoe Brussels on the Grand Place of Brussels starting at 20.00. Taptoe Brussels
15-17 Sept. Traditional Festivities of the Free Commune of Ilot Sacré. Traditional Festivities 2012
15-17 Sept. Open air Market in the "rue Marché aux Herbes". Open air market on the rue du Marché aux Herbes
17 Sept. "In the city, without my car !". Sunday without cars
17 Sept. Bruxelles Champetre on the Place des Palais from 10.00 to 19.00.
27 Sept. Feast of the French Community on the Grand Place of Brussels : free concerts starting at 20.45. Fête de la Communauté Française
01 Oct. Arrival on the Grand Place of the Brussels Marathon. Mini-concert, kids village... Brussels marathon
07 Oct. Nuit blanche 2017. Nuit Blanche
24 Nov.-
31 Dec.
Winter wonders : Christmas Market, ice skating, Big wheel, roundabouts and various activities. Winter wonders
02 Dec. Saint-Nicolas Procession, starting at 15.00 from the "Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés" - arrival at 17.00 on the Grand Place. Manneken Pis en Saint-Nicolas
31 Dec. New Year Fireworks starting at 23.00 on the Place De Brouckère. Feu d'Artifice de la Saint-Sylvestre
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